Friday, 18 December 2009

Free Download Will Ferrell Elf

Before Christmas and new year you can watch Starring Will Ferrell Elf made in the year 2003.

The film begins with Buddy as a baby being placed in the crib by a nun. As Santa Claus comes down to the room, Buddy discovers that there is a teddy bear in the sack and crawls in just until he's brought to the North Pole where the elves continue to make toys. Buddy is raised by Papa Elf and manages to stand up and grows up in a sequence into a big guy. He seems to be too big to be an elf. In the toy testing room, he demonstrates the jack-in-the-boxes to pop open and he gets a little frustrated. He overhears other elves complaining about him not realizing that he is a human, which causes him to faint in shock.

Buddy learns from Papa Elf and Santa that his father is a businessman in New York City who is unfortunately on the naughty list. He decides to travel from the North Pole to meet his dad at the Empire State Building, but he is mistaken for a Christmas-gram. His behavior gets him thrown out, and he wanders to Gimbels department store. He is thought to be an employee and meets Jovie, a worker at the store who is not too thrilled about Christmas. Buddy is immediately smitten with her.

His enthusiasm for Christmas and being an elf gets in the way everywhere he goes, at Gimbels and at his father's job. He eventually befriends his half-brother, and asks Jovie on a date. On Christmas Eve, a misunderstanding leads to him being thrown out by his father, and he walks through Central Park to discover Santa with his sleigh. He needs Buddy's help to get everyone's Christmas spirits back up so he can fly, and his family and Jovie help. Christmas is saved.

Buddy ends up writing his own children's book about his adventure, and the film ends with Buddy visiting Papa Elf at the North Pole, accompanied by Jovie and their baby daughter, Susie.

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This film fits into the watch during Christmas and new year, very funny movie

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